Hop, skip and jump in comfort this Easter time

Easter is that wonderful time of year when the weather is finally changing from grey and rainy to bright and sunny. The temperatures are getting warmer and we start feeling the urge to be outside as soon as the sun shows itself: one of our natural instincts to increase our uptake of vitamin-D. It is a lovely holiday and is associated with family time, activity and exercise.



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Every Day is New Years

The ever present looming New Year awaits, and with it, resolutions and and promises of a New Body, New Life, New Me…bla bla bla!!!



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Halsa provides tips on how to keep healthy during the festive period


Did you know that we are the official Chiropractic and Physiotherapy team to keep Santa fit and able to lift his heavy sack and flexible enough to squeeze down all those chimneys? In order to make his list as good boys and girls, he has asked us to share some of our bountiful knowledge about how to stay healthy at this time of year!


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How to prevent pain for your child whilst they’re using a computer


With technology becoming a modern day necessity, a growing number of children are spending more and more of their spare time sat in front of their laptop or desktop devices rather than enjoying the great outdoors.

We cannot directly control society’s influence but we can take steps to help prevent your child from encountering computer-related injuries. So parents and guardians, take note of these basic steps and help reduce your child’s health risk.

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Don’t have a fright this Halloween! Discover the affect that emotional stress has on your body


It’s that time of year again.

When adults and children alike raid the fancy dress box for a costume to wear on all hallows eve. It may surprise you to know that Halloween is actually a traditional Irish celebration, but as with many things America has taken it to the next level and perhaps the most scary thing about it these days is the amount of marketing that is invested in it!

However the question we should consider is what the effects of fear, or more accurately, emotional stress has on the body.


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3 Benefits of Chiropractic during your Pregnancy period


Many of us associate pregnancy with months of intense symptoms of morning sickness, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, back and pelvic pains and even swollen ankles and fingers. It has been commonly accepted that this is something that every woman must suffer through in order to give birth to their loving children.

This is a very common misconception!


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For a speedy recovery and pain prevention; cooling down after Rugby is vital



This is where we foolishly forget that our muscles, ligaments and tendons have been torn, burned and smashed into for a prolonged period of time by men/women of various strengths, girths and body fat ratios. Then comes the Frankenstein’s monster/non-oiled tin man who’s been covered in electric shock buttons stage. What is happening during this horrendous stage is that our muscle fibres (myofibrils) have been damaged and need to repair so lots of inflammatory processes are taking place as the body undergoes the repair process.


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Sleep with a smile by relieving aches and pains for a comfortable night’s sleep.


A good night’s sleep is vital to our general health and wellbeing. When we are sleeping, our bodies are able to heal and rejuvenate. Not getting enough sleep can play havoc with our mood and general wellbeing. We become irritable, unhealthy and unable to focus.


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Warm up for your Summer Sporting Events with Halsa Care


Sports people spend hours tweaking their equipment ensuring it will perform to maximum efficiency. So why not spend a little time tweaking your body?

A physiotherapy massage can help your body work to its maximum potential.


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Exams are over! Here are Halsa Care’s Top 5 tips to release your stress and tension.

1) Get Moving! Anything from a light walk to a gym session, the post-exercise endorphin rush can sharply cut the body’s negative reactions to stress. Increased heart rate and blood flow around the body change your physiological state and allow your muscles and your mind to relax. The Mayo Clinic states that, “Virtually any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. If you’re not an athlete or even if you’re out of shape, you can still make a little exercise go a long way toward stress management”.


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