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Adjustments of the spine and joints to alleviate pain and improve function.

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Everyone's popped their knuckles before, but have you ever had your back popped?

Firstly, let's demystify what an adjustment truly entails.

Often referred to as spinal manipulative therapy or SMT, it's a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust applied directly to a joint. In layman's terms, it's a swift yet gentle thrust, ensuring joint mobility and natural healing. This technique's finesse lies in the speed of the adjustment, not the force, making it a non-invasive therapy suitable for all.

But what exactly is a joint?

Picture two bones converging, encapsulated and cushioned by fluid, ensuring smooth movement. Every joint in our body has a unique movement range, from the flexibility of our elbows to the rotation of our neck and spine. This movement, which we control, is termed our active range of motion.

Tom Kerridge Celebrity Chef

Tom Kerridge

The difference in my posture, my ability to work at the gym, and the pain that has been relieved is amazing. Thank you Dr Bruce!

Beyond this, there's a passive range of motion, a realm we can't access on our own. This is where the expertise of chiropractors comes into play, guiding joints to achieve this extended range. The goal of an adjustment is to restore this proper movement, especially in joints that are restricted.

During adjustments, you might hear an audible pop or crack.

This sound is the release of an air bubble from the fluid inside the joint capsule. Contrary to some beliefs, this sound is typically pain-free and signifies the restoration of joint mobility. You may not always hear this either, but this does not mean the adjustment has not been successful. As chiropractors, we are looking for the movement and not the sound!

Here's a video featuring a couple of our clients and one of our Hälsa Chiropractic and Physiotherapy centres:

Chiropractic care isn't just about pain relief. It's a holistic approach to wellness and prevention, beneficial even if you're not experiencing acute symptoms. It's a pathway to overall well-being, addressing musculoskeletal disorders and promoting natural healing.

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