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Shorter sleep = A shorter life?

Sleep is one of the most effective things we can do to reset our brain and body health each day. Just like chiropractic it helps reset our communication between the brain and the rest of our body.

Negative effects of sleep loss:

❌ Decreased memory and concentration
❌ Neurological links to Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, stroke and chronic pain
❌ Physiological links with cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and infertility
❌ Obesity - decreases Leptin (appetite supressing hormone) resulting increased hunger levels and overeating.

⌚ The switch to daylight saving time in March results in people losing an hour of sleep. Researchers looking at millions of hospital records have shown that a scary spike in heart attacks occurs the following day. Likewise when we gain an hour of sleep in the autumn, rates of heart attacks the next day drop significantly. A similar rise and fall relationship can be seen with the number of traffic accidents showing the effects of reduced sleep on concentration.

😴 How to identify sleep deficiency?
1. If you didn’t set an alarm would you wake up on time?
2. Do you find yourself re-reading things?
3. Can you function optimally before midday without caffeine?

💤 Good sleeping patterns are vital in creating better balance in our bodies and improving our overall health.

💥 Check out our next post for 8 tips to improve your sleep!