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"It is just a sprained ankle" But is it really?

"It is just a sprained" But is it really?

By Cidalia Novais

Ankle sprains are a common injury resulting in a stretch or tear (partial or complete) of the ligaments of the ankle.

We are often told that we only need to rest. 


Up to 40% of individuals develop chronic symptoms, including pain, swelling, instability, and recurrence that persists at least 12 months post-injury.

Approximately 20% of individuals develop chronic ankle instability.

We are more likely to reinjure the same ankle after sustaining an initial ankle sprain.

Recurrent ankle sprains occur in 40-70% of individuals after injury.

Your Physiotherapist will assess and address any deficits in range of motion, strength, balance and stability that you may have after an ankle sprain.

This will help you to recover and reduce the chance of recurrent ankle sprains.

If you have sprained your ankle and would like to have an assessment,

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