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      Hop, skip and jump in comfort this Easter time

      Easter is that wonderful time of year when the weather is finally changing from grey and rainy to bright and sunny. The temperatures are getting warmer and we start feeling the urge to be outside as soon as the sun shows itself: one of our natural instincts to increase our uptake of vitamin-D. It is a lovely holiday and is associated with family time, activity and exercise.


      For many of us we have been sitting hibernating at our desk the whole winter and now as the cold temperatures and grey colours are being replaced with sunny days and happy spirits, it is a great time to be more active. From an evolutionary point of view we were not designed to be static, but rather dynamic and active. The research tells us that we now sit for 30 years of our life, while before we only sat for 5. It might be difficult to understand why this is a problem and why the expression “sitting is the new smoking” is becoming common knowledge, but I will try to break it down for you.

      The spine is built up from bony vertebrae, discs and spinal nerves. Between two bones there is a disc functioning as a cushion and the two bones form spinal joints, which is what makes us so flexible. The spinal cord coming from the brain runs inside the bones just behind the discs and have spinal nerves breaking off at every point throughout the spine to supply and control the whole body. These nerves lie very close to the spinal joint so if a dysfunction occurs in a spinal joint, this can cause inferences within the nervous system to detrimentally effect its communication with areas of the body it is supplying. As chiropractors we call this a subluxation, so I will just use that term to make it simple.

      The reason why sitting has such a massive effect on our spine is because it more than doubles the load on the spine, compared to when we are standing up. If we do this repeatedly we will start creating micro traumas to our spine, and it will become less flexible and start degenerating early in the compressed areas that are under this extra strain. This will lead to subluxation of the spinal segments and disrupt the information flowing between the brain and the body.

      These subluxations can occur for other reasons as well as sitting such as sports injuries, other accidents and injuries, bad posture, genetics, and also emotional stresses in our lives.


      It is not always possible to tell if you have a subluxation in your spine or not. Often you do not feel anything to begin with, but our body is so clever that it will try to compensate for the changes in spinal flexibility. Our body can only cope with this for a limited period of time before we start getting health expressions, which usually takes the form of pain. When the pain signals are switched on, the body is sending us warning signals saying that the process has gone so far that the body requires your attention.


      Whether your body is sending you warning signals, or not, it is always good to regularly check your spine for subluxations and making sure your nervous system is functioning at an optimal level. This can help you avoid developing compensations and health expressions and you can be hopping, skipping and jumping in comfort during your lovely Easter break.  This is just like going to your dentist to make sure you do not have dental cavities. So before you set off on your Easter holidays why not come in to see one of our highly skilled chiropractors to make sure your body is ready to be out and about, playing with your kids and being active. I know I will check in with my chiropractor before I set off to Norway to go skiing in the mountains. Then I know my nervous system will be functioning at an optimal level and I will be less likely to suffer sport injuries as my nerves can communicate with my legs, arms and core muscles to give me the best possible performance and stability.



      Team Hälsa

      Created by
      Judith Johanne Torstvedt
      Chiropractor at Halsa Godalming

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