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      Halsa provides tips on how to keep healthy during the festive period

      Did you know that we are the official Chiropractic and Physiotherapy team to keep Santa fit and able to lift his heavy sack and flexible enough to squeeze down all those chimneys? In order to make his list as good boys and girls, he has asked us to share some of our bountiful knowledge about how to stay healthy at this time of year!


      From a physical point of view, this season presents a few unique challenges that the docs at Halsa see people fall foul of year in year out. Slipping on ice and landing on your pelvis with a handful of shopping can put a real downer on the seasonal fun. So invest in some decent footwear with a rubber sole. Digging snow is another classic activity resulting in people presenting to our office in acute pain. We have even seen the effects from repetitively lifting a turkey big enough to feed the entire extended family. If you are partaking in any activities your body is not used to, the golden rules are to brace your core muscles, take regular breaks and don’t be afraid to ask for some help!


      Christmas is the time that most tend to enjoy the naughty but delicious side of nutrition and indulge in an increased amount of alcoholic delights. There are a few things that will help your body cope and greatly decrease your risk of your body expressing symptoms. In between treats, aim to drink a healthy juice or eat a portion of brightly coloured raw vegetables with some greens. The vitamin C, zinc and magnesium will help your body detox. The lack of sunlight at this time of year will also mean your vitamin D levels will be dropping. Vitamin D is essential for many body functions, so it is best to supplement it daily. Lastly, when it comes to alcohol it is good to help support your liver with a milk of magnesia supplement and to hydrate BEFORE you start hitting the eggnog!


      Another challenge most people face at this time of year is TIME. With all the social gatherings, shopping sprees and public holidays there is one pattern all Halsa docs see every year. People who do not stick to their care plans get ill! Chiropractic has been shown to improve immunity by 200% compared to healthy individuals[1]. Immunity is a whole body activity that involves your nasal hairs, mucus (aka snot), stomach acid and of course white blood cells that are made in your bone marrow and get deployed to your blood steam, gut lining, glands, lymph nodes and spleen. Your nervous system co-ordinates your immunity and allows your body maintain homeostasis. Subluxations upset that system and your body will suffer. Many of the Halsa chiropractors and physiotherapists come from overseas or travel far to serve their people in clinic. They believe so strongly in their role in your health they sacrifice time with their families at this special time of year to serve you. So check the days we are open and get adjusted or you will go on the naughty list! We do know Santa Claus after all!




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