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      Every Day is New Years

      The ever present looming New Year awaits, and with it, resolutions and and promises of a New Body, New Life, New Me…bla bla bla!!!


      A number assigned by Pope Gregory, and only implemented in Great Britain and the British Empire (except Scotland) in 1752 , yet we place an absurd value on it. The media, our past and society dictates that we should become emotional (in either direction of the spectrum), let go of the past year and start the new year with stained lids, sagging pits, and a soggy spirit.


      There is no magical switch to turn on and transform you in the New Year! This “switch” never turns off, it remains “on”, inside of us, at all times, from conception; night and day, 365 days of the year, until we take our final breath. The power inside us all, the innate, merely waits for us to work in conjunction with it, not against it, it yearns to be expressed in its most pure and uninterrupted form, it requires no resolutions, it demands no diets, nor does it crave chemical interference.

      This beautiful power, flowing through our nervous systems, this innate masterpiece; once flowing free of interruption, achieved through Chiropractic adjustments and living a life conducive to healthy conduction; will bring your body and mind to their highest state of health and function, a state of optimum being.


      At Halsa, in our Code of Honour, we pledge to play at 100% in everything we do; whether that’s at home or work. And so we implore you to do the same.

      Live today and live every moment at 100%, not just New Years. To achieve this, requires you to be present in every single moment, to use all of your senses and embrace the reality which you have created and attracted; therefore,

      Look, don’t just see.

      Hear, don’t just listen.

      Feel, don’t just touch.

      Live, don’t just exist.

      And love…above all things…love with all your heart!!

      Another thing we are good at doing in Hälsa, in fact I’d say we excel, is having a good time. We love to laugh, we love to hug, we love to dance, we love to enjoy ourselves at 100%…and we like to do so every day!! And so we challenge you to do the same, not only during the festive season.


      The festive season is a world of excesses, we eat too much, we drink too much, and give our bodies a good shock and expect it to recover quickly as we prepare for the 17th end of year function. Be kind to yourselves as you recover, feed your body with pure health, keep your adjustment schedule on track and your mind at continued peace.

      And so, as the New Year begins, do so with daily vigour, daily health and daily remembrance of just how perfectly powerful you are. 2016 is just a number; you, however, are perfectly brilliant, celebrate this with all your heart.


      With light and Love

      Team Hälsa

      Created by
      Quinton Hohls
      Chiropractor at Halsa East Molesey

      Quinton no Background

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