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Back Pain Remedies, Types and Causes

Back Pain

Natural Remedies | Drug Free Back Pain Relief

About back pain

80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is considered as the second most common reason for visits to the GP. Unlike the thoracic spine, the low back is very unstable in order to allow us to have a great deal of mobility to touch our toes, tie our shoes or pick something up from the ground, but at the cost of increased risk of injury.

What are some back pain causes?

Low back pain could happen due to many different reasons, it could be stress, strained muscles, ruptured disks, trigger points, inflamed joints, poor posture or simply down to lifestyle. When any of these previously mentioned reasons happen your nerves can be irritated, joints can become inflamed and muscles become sore, weak and loaded with trigger points causing that unbearable pain.

Does Chiropractic help?

Research has shown that chiropractic treatment is the most effective treatment when it comes to lower back pain especially on the long-term outcomes than any other treatments. Chiropractic treatment simply adjusts the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis in order to re-establish normal motion of the joints and remove any interference witht eh nervous system so that the body has the ability to heal naturally.

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