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      What to Expect

      Laying the foundation for total health

      Once we’ve had the chance a meet you, examine you and present our Report Of Findings, you may be recommended a bespoke Halsa Care Plan. In some ways, one could say that a Halsa Care Plan is similar to house-building. It must start at the foundations and finish at the roof. If you tried to put your walls up before you had solid foundations, the walls would be unstable and may even eventually collapse. If you tried to put the roof on before the walls were ready… well you get the idea. These concepts do apply to your body’s healing as well.

      Halsa Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care can address many common reasons why people experience acute or chronic pain and other short or long-term health challenges. If something is not right with your body’s foundations, then this needs to be addressed before true optimum health can be realised. With your bespoke Halsa Care Plan, your body must go through particular stages of care in order to for healing to begin and optimum health to stay.

      There are three stages of a Halsa Care Plan

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