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      Warm up for your Summer Sporting Events with Halsa Care


      Sports people spend hours tweaking their equipment ensuring it will perform to maximum efficiency. So why not spend a little time tweaking your body?

      A physiotherapy massage can help your body work to its maximum potential.

      What is a warm up?

      For most of us, a warm up is a few stretches and some light exercise a few minutes before an event. Although this is better than no warm up at all, physiotherapy from Halsa Care can enhance your performance and eliminate the risk of injury.


      Why do I need to warm up?

      Warming up is essential before any sporting activity. A good warm up will lead to an effective performance and reduce the risk of injury! To avoid an injury, your muscles must be warm, supple and fully oxygenised. Your body works best when oxygen is being pumped to your muscles.

      A proper warm up is particularly important for people with existing injuries. Problem areas should be given extra attention. Warming up will avoid creating any additional problems and inhibiting recovery.


      How Halsa Care can help you warm up

      Just as you would maintain your equipment before a big event, you must maintain your muscles. Trained physiotherapists can advise you on how to avoid sports injuries, as well as correcting any existing problems. Having a physiotherapy massage before a competition will make sure your body is ready to win!

      There are many different ways physiotherapy can help you prepare for a big challenge…

      • Physiotherapy treatments can help improve the suppleness and flexibility of your muscles and joints. It can also prevent future injuries, remedy existing ones and relax your muscles.
      • Having physiotherapy session during your training program will speed up the healing of injuries and prevent any more from developing.
      • Before a big event, a massage will help stimulate your circulation, calm nervous tension, and ensure your body is working to perfection.

      Having a deep tissue massage a week or so before your competition will ensure muscles are relaxed, supple and working a full mobility. Having it this far in advance will ensure your body has time to get over the fatigue that often comes with deep tissue massages.

      A few days before the big day, a light, flush-out massage may be beneficial. This will help flush out the lymphatic system, create newly oxygenated blood and increase the body’s circulation.

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