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      Treatment and Prevention of Headaches- Have a happy head this summer!

      Headaches affect all of us at some point. Whether you get them regularly or rarely, you know they really can be painful! The pain level can range from 1 – barely affecting you – to 10 – where it can affect you physically and make day-to-day tasks incredibly challenging.


      Most headaches are not serious and are usually caused by tension. These are easily treatable through a combination of rest and TLC. So what can you do to prevent yourself from getting a headache in the first place?


      Have you had an Eye Test recently?

      If you feel as if you suffer with headaches on a regular basis then your vision may be the cause. As you are the only person who can see through your eyes, it is hard to gage when problems arise. It may be that over last few years you have gradually become long or short sighted. These changes in vision can make focusing more difficult, causing head pain.

      Are you keeping well hydrated?

      Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches. It is easy to get busy and forget about having a drink, particularly in the warmer months. To prevent headaches, it is important that you make time for these essential glasses of water to ensure you are functioning at your highest level and without the distraction of a headache.

      Are you stressed?

      Life tension and stress acts a stimulant for headaches. If you are working for a long period of time, it is inevitable that you will feel job pressure at one point or another. To prevent a headache, it is key that you unwind and relax after your hard day of working. It is also advised that if you are in a highly stressful situation, that you go away from it and then revisit it with a fresh mind.

      Is your posture poor?

      Poor posture is caused by slouching when you sit and stand. This can result in some serious tension and pressure in the shoulder and neck areas. In order to prevent this, make sure that you have a comfortable and upright chair which supports your back.

      How Halsa care can help

      The first course of action for most people with headaches is to rush to their medicine cabinet. However, Halsa Care are able to help you in the long-term. Chiropractic adjustments are extremely beneficial when it comes to treating those who suffer from regular headaches, particularly when headaches originate from your neck.

      To find your local clinics, click here or contact us today to book an appointment.