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      Rebecca’s Juice Detox Vlogs

      At Halsa Care we have created an exciting range of juice detox drinks to help revitalise your body and that contain all the ingredients your body needs to feel reinvigorated.

      These are available in a 3 day package and as a 5 day package, each package containing a tailored blend of particular ingredients to help you body in specific ways.

      Rebecca from here at Halsa Care has been road testing the 5 day package to see the how it helped her, find out how she got on in her vlog’s below.

      3 Day Package

      h detox1

      5 Day Package 

      h detox2




      If you enjoyed Rebecca’s vlogs and want to experience the benefits she did from our detox juice drinks for yourself, then book and appointment at your local Halsa Clinic. 

      Book your appointment today.