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      How to prevent pain for your child whilst they’re using a computer

      With technology becoming a modern day necessity, a growing number of children are spending more and more of their spare time sat in front of their laptop or desktop devices rather than enjoying the great outdoors.

      We cannot directly control society’s influence but we can take steps to help prevent your child from encountering computer-related injuries. So parents and guardians, take note of these basic steps and help reduce your child’s health risk.

      1. NECK & BACK PAIN

      In order to eliminate issues with your child’s back and neck areas, it is important that their computer chair is both supportive and comfortable. The neck and upper back are the main areas which are prone to becoming painful for those who use the computer for long periods of time as they are the places that are least supported by a chair. Also, when a person becomes tired, they tend to start hunching which causes further muscle stabilisation issues in these particular areas which could potentially lead to a subluxation (misalignment of the spine) and therefore putting stress on your child’s nervous system.

      By ensuring that your child sits in an upright position at all times and for a limited time only, you will minimise the likelihood of your child facing discomfort and long-term damage to their health.

      2. JOINT PAIN

      In office environments, joint pain is a common health problem caused by overuse of the mouse and keyboard. However, this is something which can also affect young gamers and cause joints to become sore and movement becomes uncomfortable.

      To prevent this issue, your child should limit their time sat down. If they need to use the computer to work on a long, school assignment, we would recommend that they take regular breaks. Ideally, these breaks should include a good amount of movement to get their joints working! A walk into the kitchen to make a drink or to fetch a snack may be subtle solution to getting your child to step away from their computer for a short but beneficial amount of time. However, a run around the garden or a walk with the dog would be even more efficient!

      3. HEADACHES

      There are a variety of causes for headaches. For children who have deadlines to meet at school and are looking at a computer screen for long durations, it may be a combination of stress and tiredness. For this reason, it is important to set a time limit for your child to use their device.

      Headaches can also be caused by a dehydration and low blood sugar levels; problems which may be encountered from prolonged computer activities without a break. Similarly to joint pain, it would be advantageous in this situation for your child to fetch a drink and do some low-impact exercise to reduce the likelihood of headaches occurring.

      If your child is affected by any of the issues listed above, Halsa Care can help. Our expert chiropractors are dedicated to ensuring that your loved ones are relieved of their aches, pains and more importantly their health as a whole through the necessary treatments.

      For more information about the health conditions we can treat and the services we can provide, please click here.

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