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      3 Benefits of Chiropractic during your Pregnancy period

      Many of us associate pregnancy with months of intense symptoms of morning sickness, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, back and pelvic pains and even swollen ankles and fingers. It has been commonly accepted that this is something that every woman must suffer through in order to give birth to their loving children.

      This is a very common misconception!

      Did you know Chiropractors are trained to look after pregnant ladies and their children?

      Most people seek help due to the mechanical pains related when pregnancy is underway but through our experience, gentle chiropractic care benefits both mother and child at the stages before pregnancy, during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

      Many pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant are encouraged to under go chiropractic without symptoms of pain. Why is that?

      Benefits of Chiropractic

      1) Before Pregnancy

      Improves the nerve supply to the reproductive organs

      Helps improve regular menstrual cycles

      Prepares the body correctly in order to be strong and flexible through the lower back and pelvic region which will help reduce stress for the mother during pregnancy and during recovery after birth

      2) During Pregnancy

      Helps relieve pressure upon the discs of the spine, the related nerves and the joints (especially the pelvic region). In the third trimester as the baby repositions itself in preparation for birth it is extremely important to have a balanced pelvis to aid in the process.

      Stimulation of the nervous system (the communication between the brain and the rest of the body) to allow the reproductive organs to function at their best to help the development of the child.

      A technique known as the ‘Webster Technique’ has been used by many chiropractors to relieve intrauterine constraint and allow the foetus to move into the optimal position for birth. In the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in the July-Aug 2002 issued an 82% success rate of babies turning vertex when Chiropractors used the ‘Webster Technique’.

      3) At Birth and Afterwards

      Studies have shown mothers receiving regular chiropractic care through the pregnancy have on average 25% shorter labors and 31% shorter labors for those giving birth for the second time or more.

      The birthing process is a trauma to both mother and child therefore it is encouraged to be checked soon after by your chiropractor. Mothers ideally should be
      checked soon after giving birth to help the recovery of strength in both the pelvis and the spinal joints and associated muscles.

      It is important as the child grows and passes through each developmental stage to be checked. Ideally the child should be checked within the first two weeks after birth and at the subsequent developing stages (lifting their head, crawling, sitting etc). The number of times our children fall or knock themselves are countless and unfortunately it is these incidences which can affect them as they grow.

      If you or anyone you know is planning to become pregnant or is pregnant do seek advice form a chiropractor in order for advice and the necessary care I order to make the pregnancy as smooth as possible for you and your families.

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